Nutrition For Hair dandruff

The beauty of the hair will not look best if you have a problem with the dandruff. Surely you do not want to interfere with the matter. But do not worry, there are some nutrients that can help reduce the production of dandruff on the scalp. As quoted from Yahoo! She, check out the following explanation.

Garlic is known to contain a variety of substances that are useful to help the healing. Especially for dandruff, garlic may also help reduce the incidence of white flakes in the hair. This is because garlic contains a substance called allisin, which serves as a natural antifungal.

Garlic can be consumed or applied directly to the skin. How,Mashed garlic and let stand for 10-15 minutes. After mashed, garlic producing more and more allisin. After that garlic can be used for flavoring food or hair mask. Continue reading “Nutrition For Hair dandruff”

Cleaning Tips Blackheads Without Having Facial at Salon

Blackheads are a problem in the skin of the nose are a little difficult to remove. Powerful way to get rid of it is to do facial treatment at a beauty salon or clinic. The problem is not everyone is ‘strong’ in the salon with facial mechanics that cause the type of pain the white spots and black are removed from the skin of the nose.

If you are a woman who is also lazy to facials at the salon and opt for treatments at home, consider the following tips. Some of these ways you can try yourself to remove blackheads.

1. Scrub
Scrub works to remove dead skin cells and regenerate new skin cells. Dead skin cells can make things worse blackheads if not promptly removed. You can menscrub face on the forehead, nose and chin. These three areas are where the growth of blackheads. Choose a scrub that is specifically the face, not to the body.

2. Baking Soda
Make a concoction of two tablespoons of baking soda mixed with a little water to form a paste. Apply this mixture to the surface of the face of blackheads, let stand for 20 minutes, then rinse. Baking soda will absorb the excess oil contained in the skin, remove bacteria, and remove stubborn blackheads. Continue reading “Cleaning Tips Blackheads Without Having Facial at Salon”

The Body Shop Reveals Trends Make-up for Christmas & New Year

Look beautiful on special day should certainly be done, especially for those who will celebrate Christmas and New Year. Not just knowing the make-up techniques, you also need to know the make-up trends today, which you can practice while celebrating a special day later.

Nadia Susanti, a make-up artist The Body Shop Indonesia, who met in a workshop at the Atrium Mal Taman Orchid, West Jakarta express trends. According to Nadia, this Christmas-themed Christmas look.

“The trend this year is make up a colorful and glamorous. Iridescence to eyes or smokey eye, use a lot of dark colors such as dark blue, purple,” she pointed out.

Smokey eye makeup you can use for a variety of events organized not only the night, but also during the day. Makeup of this type could also be easily adapted to any outfit you wear when going to a party.

“But it’s good, you must assert smokey eye makeup at night, so as not to look pale. Conversely, do not use too thick makeup during the day so as not excessive,” he added. Continue reading “The Body Shop Reveals Trends Make-up for Christmas & New Year”