Million Benefits of Wine For Beauty

For a long time people realize how important it is to protect themselves from sun exposure. That’s why they seek shelter, make clothing, hats, umbrellas, until glasses. However, over time, the use of sunscreen lotion and cream form was chosen because it was considered more practical people. In fact, as an alternative to additional protection, we can also use wine or wine.

Researchers at the University of Barcelona revealed that wine can be used as a natural sunscreen. As quoted from Shine, they found that the natural wine makers that red grapes have the power to protect the skin from UV rays cause skin cancer, premature aging, and skin burns.

Flavonoids contained in wine, especially the Cabernets, Petite Syrahs, and Pinot Noirs, serves as a protective skin from UV exposure. Now, there are many beauty care products such as creams containing wine that protect against skin damage. Continue reading “Million Benefits of Wine For Beauty”

Sun Exposure vigilant in face

Scorching heat of the day is the hallmark of the dry season. In addition to the sun’s heat, dust and dirt as well as more in the dry season. So if the skin does not get maximum protection, can cause negative effects on the skin such as the following:

1. pimple
Temperatures are rising in the dry season could lead to an increase in oil production. Plus dust more numerous, making acne and blackheads easily emerge.

2. Tinea Alba
Exposure to the sun is high enough and the lack of protection can lead to tinea alba. Tinea alba is a white spot on her cheek that makes skin look mottled.
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Washing Face with the Right Way

Although relatively simple, wash your face should not be arbitrary. Too often, the water temperature is too cold or hot and detergents containing perfume, is that often we do, but it turned out to be a bad effect on the health and beauty of skin.

In order to keep skin healthy and well maintained, it helps us to avoid small mistakes in the wash, as quoted from She Knows, following,

Too often

Wash your face more than twice a day with soap cleanser can harm the skin. This can cause the natural oils from your face will continue to grow in number, so the face becomes oily. So, just wash my face with soap every morning and night before bed.
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Choosing Cosmetics Products with Carefully

Many women assume that branded cosmetics can boost their performance. Not a few women in Indonesia are willing to spend enough to buy branded cosmetics. In addition to the power of the brand, as well as the quality of which is believed to have differences with the general cosmetics on the market. Product commercials can affect the consumer’s mind that they will get the same charm when using the product.

Before you buy branded cosmetics, it helps you read the following tips:

Find out a product review

Try to browse the internet about product from customers or find out through a friend who had been using. This is important because the reaction products will vary in each person. There must first conform to the cause of acne, there is irritation and breakouts because it does not fit, but some are not problematic from the start.
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Hair In The Morning

When sleep is the most enjoyable time, you often do not want to immediately get out of bed. It also makes you not uncommon to wake up late and do not have time to dress up, even just for hair.

Women are always required to look beautiful during activity, polish makeup quickly you may have often done in such circumstances. Hair styling also should not be missed. As quoted from the All Women Stalk, here is a quick way to outsmart your hair to still look beautiful and organized in the morning.

Use dry shampoo
Using a dry shampoo is the right solution if your hair is greasy and difficult to set up, but had to look beautiful with a little time left. Dry shampoo is sprayed evenly on the hair roots to absorb excess oil and make your hair become more volume. So you do not have to require extra time to wash it.
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Mix and match with Styles Hair Style Shoes

You already know that the combination of clothes with the right accessories make up an important factor in an appearance, especially in women. Every woman wants to look perfect and look gorgeous at every occasion.

Have you ever heard that hair style selection was also closely associated with the selection of shoes worn? The relationship is when the hair style selection and the shoes fit, then personality looked inside you would be the maximum. In short, your inner beauty will be more sparkling.

To describe how the combination of the top and bottom to the body, Meghan Cleary, shoe expert, also share advice on selecting shoes that match your hairstyle apply. As reported by She Knows, check out following suggestions for you to try.

Bob hairstyle haircut
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