BB Cream: Born in Germany, Korea Popularized Up to Indonesia

Was first invented in Germany by a dermatologist in the era of the 50’s, blemish balm cream, or so-called BB cream was more popular in South Korea. Initially, BB cream for blemishes redness for patients after laser action and minor skin surgery. However, because its function is also good for skin care, Dr. Christine Schrammek cream creation is becoming popular and demanding.

South Korean BB Cream trend is growing to the rest of Asia because of the korean wave which often displays flawless makeup but still looks natural. In Indonesia, the BB Cream trend began booming in late 2010 and early 2011.

According to Ade Fera observations as Beauty Consultant The Face Shop Indonesia, are now a lot of BB Cream products emerging. Starting from the Korean brand, Europe to Indonesia.

“In Indonesia, from the start of the year 2011 a lot of which issued a series of BB Cream,” said Ade, who has worked at The Face Shop Indonesia for seven years.
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Sandra Dewi Anti Wear Foundation, Falling in Love at BB Cream

From many cosmetic products ever created, there is one of the most hated by Sandra Dewi, the foundation or foundation. When should filming soap operas, commercials or be the performers, Sandra has always refused to wear foundation because it looks less natural when applied on the face.

During the seven years of his career as an entertainer, Sandra admits to never wear foundation. The make-up artist usually wore makeup was already out with special requests Sandra. Day-to-day, movie stars ‘Quickie Express’ is only using moisturizer, powder and makeup decorative.

But that habit changed after Sandra know BB cream. A three-day visit to South Korea, making this 29-year-old woman fell in love with the products are very popular in the State Ginseng. What is so special about BB creams for a Sandra Dewi? Continue reading “Sandra Dewi Anti Wear Foundation, Falling in Love at BB Cream”

BB Cream & Foundation Shortage Could Face Cover, So What’s the Difference?

Today women prefer to use the Blemish Balm Cream or BB Cream instead of foundation. Though they both serve to cover the shortfall on the face, such as black spots or ‘holes’ acne scars. So what’s the difference?

“BB Cream for women who want the natural-looking make-up, skin tone looks obvious, but do not want to make-up looks heavy. Foundation perfect but heavy cover,” Ade said Fera, as Beauty Consultant The Face Shop Indonesia, which explains the difference BB Cream with the foundation to wolipop late November.

Colors produced by the BB Cream also seem more natural because they contain natural ingredients and has a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) to protect the skin from the reflection of ultraviolet (UV). As if to reinforce the statement of Ade, Product Training and Make-up Skill Manager Etude House Jakarta said that the foundation does not have the content of such care BB Cream. Continue reading “BB Cream & Foundation Shortage Could Face Cover, So What’s the Difference?”

BB Cream for Effective Skin Care, Provided …

BB cream or Blemish Balm Cream has now come to be a trend in Indonesia. Cosmetic products are popular in Korea is indeed claim to make skin look whiter natural than using the foundation as well as treating the face.

BB cream comes from Germany created by Dr Christine Schrammek in 1950. Initially, BB cream is designed for patients with post-laser skin surgery to help remove, cover up scars and skin cell regeneration. Until, product all-in-one is a secret Korean stars.

BB cream works to even out skin color, moisturize, brighten the face, camouflage wrinkles appearance and protect skin from the sun because it contains SPF. Of these benefits, many women are relying on BB cream as a skin treatment. Is it true that a reliable BB cream skin care?

“Depending on the active ingredient contained in the BB cream, which has been scientifically and clinically proven to benefit the skin. Example to moisturize the skin, there should be content that serves to moisturize the skin. Similarly to rejuvenate, brighten and forth with levels should be enough. example panthenol, vitamin C, arbutin, etc., should be sufficient levels, “said dr. Nindita Hapsari Susanti, Sp.KK to Wolipop through a short interview on Saturday (01/12/2012). Continue reading “BB Cream for Effective Skin Care, Provided …”

BB Cream vs CC Cream, Which will More Popular?

After blemish balm cream or BB cream, a new generation born is called CC cream. Is it CC cream; any difference with the BB cream already popular and ‘crazy’ Korean women and even the world such as Europe and Indonesia?

CC cream stands and correct color, which is a more recent development of the BB cream. If BB cream originally from Germany, the CC cream created and developed in Korea. CC cream designed more to cover blemishes and give a smoother appearance than the BB cream.

In the womb CC BB cream also contains components cream and other ingredients. What makes CC serves as a sunblock cream, moisturizer, primer, foundation and face brightener.

“If BB Cream is closing softer, nah CC cream is also light but more colorful. To close skin color, a quarter for treatment. More cream if CC used for photography or those who face a lot of stains that (coverage) is thicker,” said Astrid Tjahyanto, product training and skill make up Etude House Jakarta manager, when interviewed wolipop. Continue reading “BB Cream vs CC Cream, Which will More Popular?”

Looks More Sexy, Her Mom & Second Sun Compact Addiction

the sun is an activity that is often done when a person is swimming or on vacation to the beach. Activities that can make the skin darker is believed to support the appearance, especially for those who have pale skin tone.

Erin Corkran, an American woman from Texas who love activities that can darken the skin. He does not need all the way to the beach to do so, with a device costing $ 4,000 or equivalent to Rp. 37.5 million he could satisfy his desire to get the color he wanted.

Erin diwawancarari the show Good Morning America, admits that he never used lotion when sunbathing. It is opposed by many people, because of the negative effects that may arise. Although Erin was well aware of the possible risk of cancer kult he idap, but Erin did not intend to stop doing so.

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New Hunger Eat It Again? These 6 Food that Satiety Longer

Have you ever experienced this; breakfast at 8 am and was feeling hungry again an hour later? If yes, then the food you eat have calories, sugar and high fat. These foods can indeed relieve immediate hunger but quickly also makes hungry again. You also eat and eat more so that the weight up.

If you want to feel full longer and reduce the desire to eat, eat the right foods. Select high nutrition but low in calories, rich in fiber as well. Any food? Consider the six list, as reported by the Woman’s Day.

1. Eggs
A recent study from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, Los Angeles, found that people with excess weight who ate eggs for breakfast felt no longer hungry. Participants showed a decrease in the level of grehlin, the appetite stimulating hormone that tells the brain to eat. Meanwhile, PPy hormone that helps the stomach feel full up.

“Eggs are a combination of protein and fat are perfect. So more filling than other breakfast menu,” said Julie Kaye, MPH, a dietitian in New York City. Fear and cholesterol? No need to. Because despite the high cholesterol content in the egg yolk, food is not the main cause of increased blood cholesterol levels. But if you are still in doubt, eat egg whites only boiled or fried with a little olive oil. Egg whites also have a high protein to help reduce hunger longer. Continue reading “New Hunger Eat It Again? These 6 Food that Satiety Longer”

Leather shaggy After Bathing Signs You Already Net? Not Sure!

Many people think if rough skin after showering ensure the skin clean and free from bacteria. Really rough skin ensure that skin is clean?

Apparently, the skin feels rough after a shower not a sign your skin clean and healthy. Abrasive can also mean showing dryness of the skin. That’s because, dry skin is not only influenced by genetic factors alone, but can also be wrong in choosing a soap.

So what kind of soap that are thought to make the skin clean and healthy? Doctors Amaranila Lalita Drijono, GDSS provides an understanding of how to choose the right soap.
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Apply Make-up Tips For Dry Skin

Having dry skin is sometimes difficult to overcome. Moreover, if the cold weather comes, the skin will look more dry and pale.

If you have such problems, you should avoid using foundation and powder compact that it can make your skin dry. Excerpted from the website Bold Sky, there are several ways to apply make-up on a dry skin. Let’s see here.

1. Facial
Whatever your skin type, whether oily or dry, wash your face before menggaplikasikan make up. Washing your face before using cosmetics aims to clean the face of the dirt. So also with the clean face of makeup before you sleep attached. This will make the cells on the skin can breathe again. Because of the harsh chemical ingredients can be skin cosmetic products.

2. Apply Cleansing Milk Before Using Make Up
10 to 20 minutes before applying makeup, wash your face using a cleansing milk. This serves to remove impurities, dead skin cells and moisturize the skin. Wash your face with cold water and dry with a soft. Let briefly before mengaplkasikan make up. After cleaning the skin, you can apply a moisturizer, making the skin look more moist and not dry. Continue reading “Apply Make-up Tips For Dry Skin”

In order for No More Severe Cellulite, Avoid These Foods 5

Almost every woman has a problem with cellulite. Sure enough, according to the Mayo Clinic, eight out of 10 women have cellulite. Many factors cause the skin look like an orange peel. Not only from fat, genetic or postnatal course. Other factors that can worsen the condition of cellulite is the food. In order to cellulite does not become apparent, the five foods you should avoid this, as summarized Become Gorgeous.

1. sugar
Foods that contain a lot of sugar cause permanent damage to the organs and cells that trigger cellulite. Foods that contain a lot of sugar are cakes, biscuits and chocolate. To that end, so that cellulite is not getting worse you should start to reduce the consumption of foods that contain lots of sugar.

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