Panasonic Steam Release Eyelashes Face & Electric

A ‘beautiful gadget’ seems highly coveted active women who have a stack of activities, which can be used anywhere without the need to bother to the salon. Knowing this, Panasonic has released a range of beauty products Beauty practical, ranging from facial steam to electric pelentik eyelashes.

“We see now women as superwomen who have to work, take care of the household and keep looking ahead husband. Women do not want to bother, but can still look beautiful. Due in Japan Panasonic Beauty is very successful, so we bring Panasonic Beauty to Southeast Asia, the previously been released in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and now Indonseia, “said Michael Adisuhanto, Cooking & Beauty Product Marketing Manager of Panasonic.

There are four products from Panasonic Beauty release in Indonesia, consisting of ‘Eyelash Curler’, ‘NanoCare Ion Facial Steamer’, ‘Pocket Doltz’ and ‘NanoCare hairdyer’. Technology Panasonic Nanoe characterizes issuing a very small nano particles that can penetrate skin and hair. Its function is to provide extra softness and keep kesehata skin and hair.
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Could not shampoo? It’s An Easy Way To Hair Not saucer

Got up late makes you have to rush to get ready towards the activity. If so, you do not have time to shampoo and hair look flat and greasy.

What emergency measures should be taken to deal with messy hair and oily? Here’s the trick, as quoted from Styletips 101:

1. Poni shampoo
Your hair look dull and greasy, but you do not have much time to wash it in the morning. To still look attractive, just wash the hair at the bangs alone, then dry with a hair-dryer. As for the rest of the other hair, pretty ponytail or break off a simple form.

2. Use Dry Shampoo or Baby Powder
Dry shampoo is very memabantu when it did not get washed. Dry shampoo is sprayed into the hair to absorb the oil and make hair more volume. If you do not have dry shampoo, sprinkle baby powder on the scalp. Same function, can absorb hair oil.

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Salma Hayek Release Eco-Friendly Nail Polish

Salma Hayek increasingly focus on developing his cosmetic products called Nuance. Now, the actress was released bleed nail polish Mexico a safe and friendly environment.

Nail polish called ‘Nuance’ Salma Hayek Nail Lacquer ‘that consists of 30 shade colors. The entire nail polish was created from a formula that is safe and friendly environme.

“One of the reasons to add nail lacquer to the Nuance line is my daughter, Valentina. He was obsessed with the colors. I want to create a formula that is non-toxic, so you can wear it for your kids. We use a lot of vitamins and minerals to keep healthy nails, as well as providing color, “says Salma, as quoted by E! online.
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It Cause Stomach Fat Man in The Woman in Thigh

Fat is not just a women’s issue only. Men also had a similar problem just located differently. In men, fat accumulates in the abdomen, while women are more in the thigh. Why different?

Fat is not just a women’s issue only. Men also have a similar problem. In men and women, generally accumulate fat in three parts, namely body, thighs, arms and stomach.

This fatty buildup if considered differ between men and women. Sports health expert from RS Mitra Kemayoran, Dr Michael Triangto, SpKO, said the men generally occurs in the abdominal obesity. While women accumulate more fat in the hips and thigh area.

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Conditions Like What People Need Liposuction & Tummytuck

Liposuction  and tummytuck now chosen by many people who want to slim instantly. People with the condition of the body as what you can do two procedures?

According to Prof. Dr. Hardinsyah, MS, liposuction and tummytuck done to therapy rather than prevention. It is recommended for people who are obese. Obesity was calculated from the BMI (body mass index), how Weight (kg) / (height (cm) / 100) 2. If the result is 18-25 means your BMI is normal, over 25 is classified obese, over 27 means you’re overweight, BMI of 35 marks at the top of your obesity.

Prof reasons. Dr. Hardinsyah advised to perform liposuction and tummytuck in people who are obese because they are difficult to follow the diet and physical activity. “Imagine people who are obese may be told to exercise her fall, Wretch even later. Skip just can not.”
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6 Style Make Up from Maybelline: Natural Up Provocative

The event always brings inspiration fashion week trends. Not only about the clothes, but also makeup. For example, the New York Fashion Week (NYFW), which took place some time ago.

A variety of makeup styles ranging from natural makeup to look glamorous and experimental graced the stage runway. In addition to the latest fashion collections from famous designers.

At the end of this year, Maybelline make-up as the main sponsor for the (NYFW) throughout 2012, summarizes six makeup trends that can be applied to day-to-day look. Like what? Marketing Manager Consumer Products Division Maybelline Mitzy Cassandra, providing leak in the Media Gathering at Commune Cafe & Bistro, Senopati, South Jakarta, Friday (12/14/2012).

1. New York Chic
Promoting everyday makeup natural for young women. Apply bright colors on lips for a younger, fresher impression. Use soft colors on the eye, eye shadow like brown, beige, beige with a touch of shimmer. To face looked fresh, Dab blush pink coral.
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Most Expensive Batik Price Could Reach USD 25 Million

If we look at batik-batik imposed by state officials to the ambassador, of course, different from what we often see in malls or designer boutiques. Batik is certainly done with a special ordering process so that their products exclusively.

It certainly makes batik are priced quite high. So how does the market demand for exclusive batik like this?

Wolipop to ask the Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers Entrepreneurs, Midshipman Kusmayadi and designers from the Indonesian Fashion Designers Association, Soekamto Era.

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21 London Exhibition Designers Muslim Clothing Collection 2013

The Muslim fashion designers are increasingly competing to meet market demand. They continue to innovate in order to follow a growing trend. Innovation is demonstrated through the Muslim fashion collection 2013 of 21 designers who enliven the anniversary of Indonesian Fashion Designers Association of West Java (IPBM Jabar) to-16.

This year IPBM held a grand fashion show with the theme “Fashion and Art ‘. The fashion show, which is regularly held every end of the year presents latest collections of designers London for 2013. They are competing to develop the art of stitching into more detail.

“2013 is the current trend emphasizes the development of art not a painting but a part of fashion, such as sewing techniques, printing, and other collaborations that reflect the trend in 2013,” said Imara Toera, representatives IPBM designers in Boardroom The Trans Luxury Hotel, Jalan Gatot Subroto, Bandung, Wednesday (12/12/2012).

Pieces H Line and A Line still dominates the entire work of the designer. One of them Iva Lativah. Chairman IPBM renowned Muslim fashion designers as well as the theme ‘A Wonderful Obsession’ which is inspired by the beauty of kebaya Indonesia. Continue reading “21 London Exhibition Designers Muslim Clothing Collection 2013”