Fill Cabinet Metrosexual Men

The man concerned with his appearance, is not something special anymore. In a world metropolis, fashion does not belong to the women but also the men. So it’s not a strange sight when he shopped-out to meet the need of performance from end to end toenails.

Here are the types of clothing and accessories that must be owned by the metrosexual man by

1. One Set Jas
Although its use rarely, a few times a year, to have it, you will feel calm when a friend invites you to attend the official events. Although the price of a set of jacket is quite expensive, but it is a worthwhile investment.
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8 Beauty Products It Can Overcome Car Dents To Prevent Rust

Beauty products are used to fix the problems surrounding beauty may sound familiar. But what if the beauty products used to address emergencies that occur at home or everyday life? Here are creative ways are found make-up artist, hairstylist and beauty junkies when using their favorite products to cope with the problems going on around them as quoted from the site totalbeauty.

1. Fixing car dents with a Hair Dryer
If you have not had time to polish or repair minor damage found on your favorite vehicle, do not worry. Just use a hair dryer with the heat being on the level of a dent in the panel is made of metal such as trunk, roof, doors or fenders of your car. Highlight the parts are bent or dented by using a hair dryer for about a minute until the paint layer was warm, and then push the bent parts or dents from the inside. Use on all parts of the crooked, then your car back smoothly like new.

2. Eliminate stains with Hairspray
Hairspray can remove hair dye stains alcoholic beverages to spill on your clothing. Spray only the affected hairspray on the stain, then rub gently the affected stain. Voila, stains more easily removed with hair styling products tersebur.
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For Learning Make-up, Women It Fly from Suriname to Indonesia

Success can be achieved as long as the person is willing to try. That’s what this woman from Suriname. Demi could become a successful make-up artist, she flew to Indonesia.

Women from Suriname, South America, named Pure flew to his homeland to learn make-up. His desire to learn tatarias blaze after his mother gave him make-up palette. Unfortunately, according to this long-haired woman, no school in the country tatarias.

“I finally got to Indonesia in 2007. Puspita I took a class at Martha International Beauty School in Yogyakarta in 2010,” Pure story claiming the Indonesia’s blood when found in the Upper Room, Annex Building, Jl. M.H. Thamrin. 59 Central Jakarta, Friday (30/11/2012).

After school in Puspita Martha for a few months, Pure returned to Suriname. He then apply their knowledge by opening a studio make-up. To deepen his knowledge, he returned to Indonesia in 2012 and re-taking a class at the school owned by Martha Tilaar.
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8 Ritual Beauty That Can Threaten Your Career in Office

As a woman, of course, we all have a certain beauty rituals that must be done before going out of the house. However, sometimes in the morning before leaving for work you are not able to finish it all because of limited time.

In fact, not all beauty rituals better to do at work. Even the habit could threaten your career. Here are eight beauty rituals that you should not do at the office, as reported by All Women Stalk.

1. Make Up in the Workplace
This one may be the custom of almost all women. You do not have time to dress up at home so putting on makeup in the workplace. In fact, the person who did it is considered unprofessional, especially if each day. Avoid too much up in the workplace unless done as an emergency and stealth.

2. Perfume sting
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