Beauty Trends: Lipstick staining Ombre

The concept ombre getting hits in the world of beauty. After hair and nail polish, lipstick ombre present now add a festive appearance. Ombre is taken from the French which means combining several colors like gradation.

Ombre lipstick first appeared in fashion shows for Prabal Gurung Spring 2012 edition with model makeup with blush purple lipstick, purple shades on the lips of the center of the model. Designers and fashion houses such as Nina Ricci, Gucci, Yohji Yamamoto and Raf Simons for Dior also do not want to lose them to decorate the models on the runway with the lipstick shades. So the technique of using lipstick ombre is a phenomenon.

Applying lipstick ombre technique has also been a lot of tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest. Although many beauty lovers have demonstrated how to apply, but still not as easy to wear lipstick ombre imagine, you need to know certain techniques. Here are tips and tricks of using lipstick ombre, as summarized from Fashionista.

Tips on Choosing Colors:
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The Face Shop Collaboration with Korean Make-up Artist

The Face Shop announced a collaboration with renowned make-up artist Son Dae Sik Korean. Cooperation produces a series of cosmetics called ‘Face It’ Lesson 01 ‘.

Latest make-up series include ‘Make-up Base’ (foundation and mineral powder cover), ‘Face Brush Circle’, ‘Brush Kit’, ‘Blush On’ and ‘4 Minute Smokey Kit ‘. The last product to be make-up The Face Shop mainstay at this time, because it was created for women who want to look beautiful like the celebrities with easy application.

“The Face Shop collaborated with Mr. Son De Sik. Extraordinary creativity is expressed by launching products with The Face Shop. Where does he want her to be able bermake-up like a celebrity who only took four minutes (using the product ‘ 4 Minute Smokey Eye ‘), “Ade said Fera, Beauty Consultant The Face Shop Indonesia, when the show’ K-Most Look Competition in Gandaria City Mall, Jakarta, Friday (23/11/2012). Continue reading “The Face Shop Collaboration with Korean Make-up Artist”

How to Overcome gray hair When Still Young Age

Aging is a process that must be experienced by everyone. One of the signs of aging on the onset of gray hair. All people would expect a gray or white hair stepped up when already elderly. But in fact, at the present time a lot of young people are experiencing the symptoms of premature aging with growth of gray hair on their heads.

Premature aging of the hair due to various factors. For example, genetic factors, the use of certain chemicals, shampoos that contain sulfur or suffer from anemia (pernicious anemia). But you do not have to worry, before the gray it appears there are several ways you can do to prevent it, as quoted from Boldsky.

1. Preventing Stress
Pressure is often experienced by teenagers in modern times like this is one cause of gray hair. This is because the pressure of the lessons they learned in school. Stress is one of the factors causing aging of the hair. Therefore, a more chill out and relax, you can prevent the onset of gray hair prematurely.
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Tips for Long Lasting Deodorant All Day

As residents of a tropical country, deodorant course is mandatory products that are used every day before the move. But because the sweat arising from hot air, scent deodorant so often do not last long. Here are some tips to make longer-lasting deodorant as quoted by Sky Bold.

How to Wear Deodorant

1. If you wear dodoran shaped spray, shake the bottle first before sprayed deodorant

2. Spray deodorant for about two seconds in the armpit. Shake again before you spray in the other armpit.

3. For deodorant shaped roller, allow the liquid to dry completely before putting on clothes.

Tips for Longer Lasting Deodorant

1. Bathing twice a day to kill the bacteria that can increase body odor. Use cold water or hot water ‘lukewarm’ because the water is too hot bath just trigger sweating after shower. Continue reading “Tips for Long Lasting Deodorant All Day”