Adjust Sunglasses with Face Shape

Need new glasses, but confused in choosing the right frame shape? Rather than wrong choice and end up regretting, consider some tips that reported, so you look even more beautiful and charming.

Round face

For a round face shape, it is advisable to choose a square or box-shaped frame with a slightly wider lens so that the face looks long and dimension. Round or oval frames will only make your face look more round.

Square face

If you have a face with a strong jaw, choose sunglasses with curved corners (oval or round) to disguise the shape of the jaw. Avoid square rimmed glasses because it will make the shape of the jaw more visible.
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Styled with hair style Professional Hairdresser

What about the appearance of your hair, are satisfied with the hair that has been owned order now? The hair is a crown of the women had to be laid out properly so that the owner can look to dazzle in various occasions.

The hair is thick or thin, long or short, straight or curly, the hairstylist at the salon can always arrange with gorgeous. You must already know that they can arrange the hair so beautiful Because it has more capabilities to it. However, that does not mean you can not learn from them. Consider the following five tips from a professional hair stylist, to arrange your hair.

In order to REMAIN durable wavy accents

Keeping wavy accent arguably proved easy but also difficult. Especially when exposed to wind or Accidentally overslept, eventually the hair will break and will return straight wavy shape. To Overcome this you can use a styling gel before forming wavy structure. After that, finish off with a touch of hair spray to make it more robust and durable.
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Beauty polish in the Middle Busyness

Women dressed in identical appearance and make up. Does not mean to use an open fashion, full of color, or makeup that excessive. But more to the mix that is right for all the things she was wearing on the face and body.

Being a woman who has many busy makes you almost do not have much time to dress up. Especially when you already have children, then there would be a lot more is taken care of children, husband and family.

However, keeping up appearances is important. You do not need heavy makeup in a long time, just a simple makeup just for you busy. Here are tips to do so.

Use a moisturizer with SPF

Will save time if you choose a moisturizer or foundation with an SPF. So you do not have to use multiple products to be important is the basic makeup  .Yang customize products for your skin type. Continue reading “Beauty polish in the Middle Busyness”

Easy Ways to Overcome Hair Loss

Beautiful hair needs extra care, but that does not mean you have to spend to realize that in a healthy and beautiful hair. one of the common problems is hair loss.

In the market is already widely available hair beauty products to prevent hair loss, but it would not hurt if you do natural treatments to prevent hair loss. In addition to materials readily available, the price is more affordable by the bag. You can try the following five natural ways to prevent hair loss as an alternative.

Hot oil treatments

In this modern era everything is provided in a instant. But if you want to try a natural way to treat hair, you could try olive oil or coconut oil. The trick is to heat the oil in a small furnace, which is usually used for aromatherapy oils. Once warmed, massage oil in the hair follicles gradually until the whole head. Continue reading “Easy Ways to Overcome Hair Loss”

Various Error Using Make Up

No one denies, that make-up a little more to help improve the appearance of the women to be more beautiful and attractive. However, in order to get the most, women often make mistakes while not makeup. While many were successful, but not a few also fail. Instead of beautiful, even the face looks 10 years older after makeup.

Anything that makes the women failed in not makeup? Here are some mistakes that should be avoided, as reported from,

Applying too thick foundation
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Making Red Lips with Natural Ingredients

No doubt, the natural lip color to blush can add value to one’s beauty. Unfortunately, the skin is thin and sensitive lips are susceptible to damage Caused by lifestyle, such as unhealthy diet, smoking, excessive use of lipstick and too much caffeine. As a result, long lip color was blackened or cracked.

Reporting from Look beauty, other than Caused by genetic factors (Heredity), black lip again turned out to be enlightened. Usually, the best way to reduce the problem is to use a lip moisturizer or lip balm. Although relatively efficient, but less effective this way. To restore the natural color of the lips, use natural ingredients that these cheap,


To get the perfect exfoliating, apply a thin layer of toothpaste evenly to the surface of the lips. Take a few moments. Then rub gently around the mouth using an old toothbrush that is still clean.
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When Armpit Colored Darker

Every body needs in order to care well maintained condition. Although its location is hidden, but the armpit is an important part and will interfere with performance when dark. Especially if you want to use a sleeveless dress, you can be confident when raised hand.

According to a survey conducted of Understanding Beauty in Indonesia in 2011, about 47 percent of women are not confident with the color and texture of their armpits. Another fact is that 80 percent of women think twice to raise their hands, because they are embarrassed by the appearance armpits.

There are several reasons why underarm skin discoloration, and here is a way to diminish the underarm skin blackened.

In removing underarm hair, choose the method of shaving or waxing instead of shaving. Since underarm hair removal will be maximal with waxing methods, while removing dead skin around the armpits, so that the skin could be brighter.
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Increasingly Beautiful With Vampire Facelift

As we get older, wrinkles on the face can appear. Especially if you do not take good care and routine. To get skin like the teenage and without wrinkles, various treatments have been undertaken by many women in the present. Call it by doing botox, facelift, or even plastic surgery.

These procedures must have often heard, but what about the ‘vampire facelift’? Perhaps there are many of you who are wondering about this new treatment. Dubbed the vampire facelift, because the procedure by taking a blood sample from a patient’s arm and inject blood into the face to remove wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin.

The blood cells are filled with hormones and proteins responsible for blood freeze, like when you are injured or bruised. But not only that, these cells also served to stimulate the skin to repair itself.
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Looks Younger Skin With Detox

Many things can interfere with the body’s health, which ultimately have a negative impact on your skin. Face and your skin may be premature aging due to excessively long working hours and unhealthy lifestyle. Before it all happened, forbid and get healthy skin and looks bright with the right detox. As Quoted from Idiva, here is a detox tips to make skin look younger.

Exercise routine
Of course, exercise is the best thing for the health and beauty care, cardio exercise is very effective in removing a lot of sweat, improves blood circulation and makes the face glow. You can do this for 30 to 60 minutes every day, so it is not too time-consuming. Choice of cardio exercise such as jumping rope, running, jogging, swimming, and dancing.

Skin care ritual
Your skin can look younger if treated with a clean, refreshing, and moisturizing regularly. In addition, also use a cream to prevent wrinkles and fine lines so that the result is optimal.
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